Earthing or grounding is a healing technique that is quite magickal but doesn’t actually require anything witchy or too woo-woo. (Earthing sounds so weird coming out of my mouth so you’ll almost exclusively hear me refer to it as grounding.)

If I told you that you could reduce inflammation, reduce chronic pain, improve the quality of your sleep, lower your stress, and improve your overall energy just by walking barefoot on the ground? Would you believe it? I did NOT at first but I’m a total believer now.

Basically grounding is when your body comes into direct contact with the earth. The little bit of science I have read about grounding suggests that since the earth has a natural negative charge when our bodies come in contact with it, it helps to balance out the positively charged free radicals we have within our bodies.

Now seems like a good time to insert a disclaimer so here it goes…”I am not a medical doctor, have zero degrees in anything wellness related, and I have conducted a whopping zero studies on this topic outside of documenting my own personal journey and reaction to grounding.”

Grounding can be as simple as walking barefoot on the grass (or any earthy surface.) It doesn’t have to be just a foot thing, especially if you have a thing with your feet. It can be any skin contact with the earth. (Yes, hugging trees count lol!)

When is the last time your body came in direct contact with the earth? Not a sidewalk or cement deck around the pool but actual earth contact? It’s surprising how many people actually can’t remember the last time they touched the earth and some people wonder (by people I mean me lol) if there’s a correlation between the lack of earthly contact and the continued rise in health problems we face.

So, how can you implement a grounding practice into your daily routine? Each day (I prefer evening for the sleep benefits) find a patch of grass or sand where you can walk or lay safely for 3-5 minutes. That’s it. See? Super easy, no witchy woo-woo tools needed.

I’ll often decide on an affirmation or mantra to repeat and focus on during my grounding. This is especially helpful when I haven’t been able to get a good meditation in that day.

As you can see by the photo for this post, my littles also practice grounding (it’s more like they refuse to put on shoes but still)!

If you are up for it, I invite you to give grounding a try for 1 week and see how it goes. I’d love to hear about it so make sure to hit me on IG (@socalmagick) or leave a comment below.

Lots of love,