As a mom, I often think of myself as a teacher. I mean—I am responsible for teaching my kids a whole heap of shit before I get the luxury of turning them over to someone who has volunteered (albeit crazily) for the job.

But to my surprise, I think I learn more each day in my role as a mom, than I actually teach my kids. Here are some lessons I regularly learn from Tris & Ery (my littles)…

How to let it go

I’m sure you’ve heard the song from Frozen…a million and one times…but it is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned on my journey as a parent. Kids seem to be able to let things go in the most beautiful way. My girls identify a bad moment as exactly that…a bad moment. It doesn’t ruin their entire day, it doesn’t stop them from pursuing the adventures ahead.

It’s a come as you are party...

My girls live entirely in the moment (and I envy them.) They aren’t bogged down by past BS and they don’t talk themselves out of new experiences. My girls come exactly as they are and live completely un-jaded by how people think they should be.

There’s wonder in everything

I try to make sure that we walk to school at least 3 days a week (mostly because I need the cardio and I don’t want a fat kid. #dontjudgeme) Everyday on the walk home, Tris or Ery notice something that I never would have. It could be a beautiful flower, or an interesting bug, or a neighbor doing something different with their home…they always notice something and because of that I get to share in their excitement and wonder. It’s a beautiful thing.

Sitting still is for losers

Us grown-ups think about running around and being busy as expending unnecessary energy. My girls, however, think sitting still is work. The human body craves movement… and kids, on some level, know this. (smart little fuckers they are.) Dancing, jumping, running, skipping, and hopping are my girls natural state of movement. It makes me laugh when I think about how my primary goal in most situations is to set things up so I have to move as little as possible. (I’m such a lazy!)

Being a parent is no different from any other job, I guess. You get your experience on the job. My kids are some of my greatest teachers. Do you agree? Comment below with some of the lessons that your littles have taught you.

Lots of love,