Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed or reading facebook posts and thought…

Her life looks so amazing
Look how many people are liking and commenting on her posts
She must have something that I don’t
Urgh, why is she so perfect

Sound familiar?

I know these are all things that I have thought about while scrolling through social media and comparing my real life to the bright, shiny, and heavily edited snapshots of someone else’s life.

The stories we make up then become facts (in our minds).

We have this amazing ability as humans to convince ourselves of all kinds of stuff. For me it has been things like…

She was just born with more than me
She’s more likable than me
She’s prettier than me

When we get in our own head this way, the fallout is SERIOUS.

We don’t show up in our full power. We play small. We don’t take action. We get paralyzed. And then we get scared…

What if people don’t like me
What if people compare me to her
What if no one cares what I have to share with the world

And the worst part is, we decide to do nothing. I mean, why would we? What if I pour my heart and soul into this post or that email and no one likes it? What if no likes and no comments means, I am not worthy? And then before we know it, we’ve spiraled down the rabbit hole and decide its safer to just give up, to not share our gifts.

I don’t want that for you. For me. Or for anyone.

I know we all have moments of massive fear. I know we all have limiting beliefs about ourselves and our impact on this beautiful world. And here’s the cold, hard truth…

Every limiting belief you have about yourself is a big, fat LIE.

I know they can feel like ultimate truths but they are not. They can be shifted. You can find evidence for any thought you have. So the trick here is to change your lens. Don’t ask why someone is more successful, prettier, or better than you in some way. Because if you do, your brain will supply an answer. Instead, ask what qualities you have, what makes you beautiful, what makes you successful. Your brain will supply an answer. Those answers are the ones I want you to hold as truths.

In fact, I struggled writing this post. I had major doubts about sharing this with you. I thought you would judge me because I don’t usually get this vulnerable. I’m the girl who does gratitude challenges. I’m the girl who helps people build successful online businesses, who am I to talk about something like this? The truth I came to realize is that I am the right person to share this message with you today because I’ve struggled with these very same thoughts. I’ve made turning my limiting beliefs around a daily part of my life. I do the work to keep a success mindset and it’s changed my life.

I want this for you too. I want you to believe the following as absolute truths…

YOU have everything you need to be a massive success.

YOU have a gift and/or message that this world needs and they need to get it from YOU.

It’s okay if that feels scary or uncomfortable at first. Being uncomfortable is not a bad thing. In fact, I believe you have to get uncomfortable sometimes before you find comfort. And…I totally have your back.

If this post resonated with you at all, let me know! If it felt scary AF, let me know that too!

Lots of love,

ps. Here’s a blog post I wrote with a few mindset strategies to help keep you thinking positively: http://sheissuccessful.com/mindset-strategies/