Some days working from home are super efficient. The others…well…not so much. This week, I’ve been incredibly busy on both the “home” and “work” side of things.

My biggest client is in the middle of launching his new book and my niece’s mother is staying with us for an undetermined amount of time, which means my nieces are here a lot more too. That brings the total of kids up to 4. (But it feels more like 6…especially since they talk so loudly you’d think they were on opposites sides of a noisy freeway trying to communicate.)

Did I mention my husband took a whole week off of work? You might be thinking “that’s awesome he did that to help with the kids during your busiest work time.” And that would have been nice. But nope, he took the entire week off to celebrate his birthday. (Yep a week…I’ve been told that’s normal “Leo” behavior. BTW – why is it that only the Leos I know, use being a Leo as some sort of hall pass to explain their weird behaviors and choices…I have no clue but I digress…)

Back to the husband. He seems to think that when he takes a day off it means that I, too, take a day off. And for some weird reason he actually likes talking to me. 😂  It doesn’t work that way (even though I run my own business and work from home.) And actually I’m not sure that I’d want it to even if it were possible. My kids will always opt to ask mommy…even when dad is sitting right the f*ck in front of them doing absolutely nothing. So when we are “off” at the same time, I’m not really getting a break.  So the little bit of reprieve I do get is when the hubby is at work, my number one girl is at school, and my littlest one is sleeping or otherwise occupied (aka watching YouTube- don’t judge…lol.)

Earlier this week, sh!t hit the fan, so if I was to get anything done it was going to have to be outside of my home. It’s totally cliche but I really love working from Starbucks in times like this. Anywhere that I can get coffee, water, snacks, and free wifi is all good with me.

With just over 45 minutes of no kid or husband interruptions (with some delicious drinks and snacks) I had actually accomplished a lot. I had answered all the emails, texts, and calls that I needed to, updated some reports that I had been meaning to get to, and even got a chance to work on a super secret project that I can’t quite talk about yet…but it’s a goodie!

The best part is that I didn’t need to be away from home for hours and hours to get shit done. For me, just carving out an hour at a coffeeshop, library, or other place can be really impactful. Spending 10 minutes or so identifying my top 3 priorities help me make the most of my time “away.” This shit works.

I really need to make a plan to do this more regularly and not just when things are so crazy that I’m at my breaking point. Do you have a favorite place to work when working from home just doesn’t work out? I’d love to hear about them.

Lots of love,